Root canals are often one of those procedures that people really dread needing to have. The good news there is that they are rarely necessary, or not as often as people seem to assume. In fact, most of the time a toothache can be solved with a variety of other solutions, and a root canal treatment is not normally the way to do so. However, it is a good idea to know as clearly as possible when it’s necessary to have a root canal, as that means you can avoid the mistake of leaving it alone for too long. That is going to be really important in taking care of your general dental health.

Severe Tooth Pain

One of the most common symptoms that you might need root canal treatment is that you have tooth pain which is really very severe. If you do have severe tooth pain, and it is just not going away, your first port of call should be your emergency dentist. They will be able to tell you what needs doing, and often the answer will be a root canal. However, don’t assume that this will be the necessary route to take unless they say so specifically.

Tender Or Swollen Gums

If you are having a lot of trouble with swelling or tender gums, that is another sign that you will want to take seriously. If you also have severe pain, and the swelling of the gums is near or under the painful tooth, then that is a clear sign that you need some root canal treatment. Again, the thing to do is to go straight to your dentist in Tulare, who will know whether you need root canal treatment or not.

Darker Tooth

If the painful tooth in question is darker than the rest or otherwise discolored, then you should take that as another sign that something is wrong. Be especially cautious if the tooth appears to have discolored quickly or out of nowhere, as that is going to be particularly relevant to whether or not it is serious enough to warrant a root canal treatment. All in all, it’s something to be aware of, as it’s a common symptom for many people who need a root canal in Tulare.

Extreme Sensitivity

One of the real tell-tale symptoms that you should be aware of is when you have a high degree of sensitivity to hot and cold temperature while eating or drinking. Even if you generally have this problem, you might find that you have a much stronger sensitive response when you need a root canal. Likewise, if the sensitivity lasts long after actually eating or drinking the hot or cold thing in question, then that means it’s likely a root canal issue.

In all of these cases, the thing to do is not panic, but merely look into whether you need a root canal in Tulare, which your dentist will be able to advise you on. Go straight to them to find out more.