Dental implant dentistry is an incredibly important procedure, and anyone in need of replacing missing teeth should never be unconnected from a reliable dentist in their local area. Not to worry however – finding a dentist to help you with your dental implant needs in Tulare, California is easier than you think! So, let’s go through a few of the main details below, to ensure you know who and what you’re looking for throughout the process. 

What are Dental Implants?

Implant dentistry is an advanced procedure, and is quite the solution for anyone living with missing teeth. The implant itself acts as a root for a tooth, in place of missing or removed roots, and various other types of dentistry can be applied on top; bridges, crowns, dentures, etc. 

Dental implants do not require any drilling into adjacent teeth, meaning they’re often preferred over bridges, and they last a lifetime. Dental implants can also be made to suit anyone; if you’re someone who has an aversion to going to the dentist, and you’re in need of some work on your missing teeth, implants are an incredibly viable option for you. 

Knowing That Implants are Right for You

Dental implants are a long lasting solution that many people rely on, and it’s important to know that this kind of procedure would be right for you. Of course, your dentist will go through all of the big and small details with you within a consultation. 

There are quite a few things to expect during an implant procedure: there will be an initial consultation, and then a prep session before the implants go ahead, to ensure you know what you’re getting out of the procedure, and that your mouth is ready for the surgery. Afterwards, you will need to maintain your implants, and your dentist will walk you through just how to take care of your new implants and the teeth on top. 

You could even be in need of a smile in a day procedure – this describes the implant method of replacing all of a patient’s teeth in a single appointment period, and at least four implants are used to attach an entirely new set of teeth. With a procedure like this, it might take a bit more time, but you’ll be able to leave with a mouth that looks and feels brand new within just a few hours, rather than days and weeks. 

Finding an Implant Dentist in Tulare, CA

Plenty of dentist offices can be found right here in Tulare, but make sure you choose the right dentist to suit you and your family. If you want to feel happy and comfortable with smiling again, wide and bright, the implant dentistry we offer could be perfect for you. 

And that’s because finding dental implants in Tulare, CA shouldn’t be a hardship on you, and why we’re known for prioritizing our patient’s health and wellbeing. It’s a crucial part of your dental care plan, after all, and we’re here to help you!