Dr. Brian Bell in Tulare, California

When looking for a highly professional and experienced dentist in Tulare, California, only the best will do for your family’s oral health and cosmetic smiles. Dr Brian Bell DDS puts your teeth in safe hands.

Why Choose Dr Brian Bell?

Dr Brian Bell DDS is a highly qualified, skilled, and passionate dentist who is dedicated to serving patients of all ages throughout his hometown of Tulare, California. His dedication to producing the best results in the quickest, safest, most convenient, and affordable manner ensures that all patients seeking a Tulare dentist they can rely on will only need to look at our offices.

By entrusting Dr Brian Bell with your dentistry needs, you will;

  • Gain the support of a UCLA School of Dentistry graduate who has also completed advanced training in placing and restoring dental implants,
  • Gain a thorough diagnostic as well as full support when weighing up the pros and cons of each treatment type,
  • Gain the best cosmetic transformation while also protecting and restoring your oral health for a truly winning smile,
  • Gain support through every aspect of the dentistry process, including the financial and scheduling elements,
  • Gain peace of mind by knowing that you’ve selected the best Tulare dentistry procedures or yourself or loved ones.

Whether it’s for cosmetic, preventive, or restorative reasons, Dr Brian Bell is the only Tulare dentist you’ll need.

“My favorite part of dentistry is being able to develop relationships with others. “

– Dr. Bell

A Tulare Dentist Supported By The Best

Dr Brian Bell’s individual skills, experience, and credentials are supported by a talented team of professional dentists that are equally dedicated to helping patients unlock the unrivaled rewards of a winning smile. The carefully assembled team, from receptionists to aftercare assistants, ensure that every aspect of your experience with us feel comfortable.

Key personnel that support Dr Brian Bell are;

  • Catalina Gonzalez: Our Registered Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator boasting nearly 20 years of experience in the field,
  • Robbie Miller: Our Insurance Specialist who has specialized in dentistry since 2012 and takes pride in supporting patients with a world-class service,
  • Lisa Johnson: Our Registered Dental Hygienist boasting almost 20 years of dentistry experience, who continues to invest in the best new trends on the market.

Dr Brian Bell appreciates that any patient undergoing cosmetic or family dentistry in Tulare needs to place trust in the whole team. Our entire service focuses on meeting the very highest standards relating to procedures and patient care.

A Tulare Dentist Tailored To You

Dr Brian Bell isn’t only a Tulare dentist; he’s your Tulare dentist.

The dental offices work with patients of all ages, across virtually every aspect of modern dentistry to provide world-class services that rebuild winning smiles before protecting them for a lifetime. Whether it’s a simple scale and polish, or a complete reconstruction, Dr Brian Bell and the team are ready to help. 

Knowing that the dental works are built around your requirements is one of the most reassuring features that any patient could hope to achieve. For this reason and many more, Dr Brian Bell DDS, Inc is the perfect local dentist in Tulare, Calfiornia for all the family.